Tantra has varieties meanings as varieties view. Tantra is a system or arrange of worship activities. When we pray to invisible God (Nirguna Bhrambha ) , that means when, Atma (Soul) prayer to Paramatma (Supreme soul) then Tantra is hide there but when we pray or worship to bhagawan or ishwar with any products or things or flowers/leaves/fruit then the activities are called Tantra. Shortly we can say that Tantra is a saguna (idol-type) worship, that is when we use flowers and other elements to adore to God as a media between human beings and supreme beings then we can say Tantra to it. We use Varieties Tantra to fill up our varsities desires. So Tantra is not only adoration to Goddess-kali and Tantrik is not only the worshiper of kali or shokti (Goddess ). But Many person do not believe the achievement of tantra, puja,havan, etc , etc they think that all are performed by willforce . But they should know the willforce more clearly. All person have willforce , but willforce of all person have not arisen perfectly .So we need to arise our willforce through Tantra activity. The universe and our body is built by 5 fundamental materials 1)-FIRE 2)-WATER 3)-WIND 4)-SPACE 5)-SOIL. There is a connection our bodies elements with universe elements.Actually the tantra is performed by this science.And this is the easiest system (TANTRA ) of rising willforce. Tantra depends on Material.Example- Ghee, bel leaves, betel leaves, fire ,etc. WILL means shiva and FORCE means power. On the other hand, WILL means wish FORCE means capacity . Generally, wish ( sadh ) and capacity ( sadhya ) do not stand on the same place,when we feel need to fil up our desire then we conjunct them(shiva and parvati). Actually a new creation is caused by the chemistry of shiva(WISH) with parvati ( POWER ). If we want to fill up our desire then we need the cohabitation/assimilation of shiva with shokti (power ). And thus way we can gain our result. So Tantra has a great achievement to arise our willforce.So you should not think to tantra as a fraudness, magic,absurd activiety.If you perform the tantra well then you will get good result through tantra certainly.If we do do not believe on us then we can not believe on God.Human being is soul and God is supersoul.Soul has a strong connection with supersoul . If soul says” NO ” then Supersoul want to say ” NO” also.So,We need strong confidence on us to get expected result.

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