About Dr. Abhay

dr-abhayDr Abhay Bhoktibhikshu is born in 1988 on 7th April in an educated family.
Anirvan is the BIRTH name of Dr. Abhay Bhoktibhikshu . Since boyhood ,he have great eager to know about spiritual knowledge ,religion-philosophy and may mysterious theme.Anirvan did not used to like to read syllabus -basis reading . His family did not also allowed or encourage in tantra ,astrology , Anirvan had to used practise tantra against his family even against some part of villagers also ,to get favour surroundings for his practice ,Anirvan left his home .He used to go for practice to local and remote tantra practitioner from door to door several times Anirvan also used to study astrology, tantra, of varieties religions , mythology, philosophy, psychology . Anirvan was Baptised with Shiva-Mantra by Jagotguru Shrimot Acharya Bibekananda Goswami, After the baptising ,anirvan has been got upadhi ‘ BHOKTIBHIKSHU’ and name ‘ABHAY’ by Jagot guru Shrimat Acharya Bibekananda Goswami . Actually, Bibekananda Goswami was a teacher of spiritual-knowledge
for Bhoktibhikshu Abhay and for further knowledge of Tantra , his gurudev suggested to go to aghori and tantrik akhra (DEN) to learn AGHOR & TANTRA vidya . For getting the Knowledge of Astrology and Tantra (specially Tantra) he went to many practitioner ( Tantrik,Aghori ). As a result, he has gained lots of experience about these matter. Although professionally ,now he is an astrologer / Tantrik /Aghori but he likes to admit as a worshipper of Shiva and he likes to publicity the message of Shaivism and the Indian
Tantra and Spiritual konwledge globally .Dr Abhay has established a Trust ‘BHOKTIBHIKSHU ABHAYASHRAM‘ ,now he is serving as the Founder President of the Trust and recently he is serving another Trust at ‘BROJOBHUMI BIBEKANANDA SEVASHRAM‘ as a Vice-President.Besides professionally activities Dr Abhay has engaged many social activities and partly Dr Abhay Bhoktibhikshu is a writer/blogger also.( will be updated future )(page written by Acharya Sri Senajit Shastri)