Black Magic and Evil Spirits

Black Magic

Black magic is a media of negative force in tantra, blackmagic is an activity/practice of negative force against positive force.Black Magic or Dark Magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural power. It is an ancient science that uses the five elements or the visible/invisible chemistry,physics,biology,electronics & ether(universal spirit) to hurt or heal people. The core of all black magic lies within the spirit world or the world of dead.

Using Of Black Magic

blackmagicSo that black magic is a negative force ,so it is used generally non fair task as pressuring, removing,replacing, struggling between two persons, divorcing etc. Accident targeting blackmagic, death targeting blackmagic also be performed by blackmagician. Now a days to attract or control a partner someone use blackmagic , for permanent result we should not use ( negative force ) blackmagic specially to attract life partner. Someone who has mastered the art of black magic can perform black magic.These black magicians follow a system for many weeks and month,calling the spirit world,doing rituals and making animal or human sacrifices to join hands with the spirit world.Once they have mastered the technique they take control of the spirit who are at their commend 24 hours a day.Then these spirit obey the masters commend and they bound for any work.At present the help of black magicians is being used in the legal system around the world.

Symptoms of Black Magic/Evil Spirits Reaction

There are many symptoms of blackmagic reactions , generally it affects on brain , heart,kidney,stomach , eyes, etc organ of human body,the victim can feel pain in any organ, dazzling,dizzy feeling, fear feeling, lonely feeling,seeing bad dream,etc. women and children are easily affected by blackmagic. HUMAN makes blackmagic on human life and EVIL SPIRITS make evil force on humam life, the symptoms of evil forces is almost same as the black magic but at the time of menstrual period of women is easily affected by evil spirits,then they can feel bad smell,they may love rubbish materials etc . Medical community may claim as psychological disorder , if there is no clue found in human body and mind with the diagnostic then victims think that that is any blackmagical or evil forces issues but sometimes, at 3rd stage victims make sure that it is blackmagical or evil forces issue.

Can one became a victim of spirits world without someone doing black magic?

Ans :Yes,if you are a female,you are more prone to becomi8ng a victim of the spirit world compared to men.When women go through their monthly cycles their auric shield weakens, if during that time period she gose near the graveyard or a river or lakeor under trees, uses perfumes,drinks alcohol or take drugs.keeps herself dirty,allows negativeor sextual thought5s,she is inviting troble as sprits are everywhere and can take charge of the female body anytime the circumstances are right,on the other hand in men the auric shield weakens/breaks/opens up if they do ddrugs,take alcohol,involvewith women who are possessed or are unhygienic.In both men and women the auric shield can become weak in case of extreme sickness or in an accident.

What kind of harm can be done to someone using black magic or what kind of harm is inflicted on innocent people using the service of these Black Magician?

ANS….here are some of the basic harm that is inflicted upon people using Black Magic. ** Blocked income *Destroying someone career **Bad luck **Bad dreams *Breaking a relationship or destroying someone’s marriage **Controlling someone’s mind for sex *Making the victim indulge in vices like alcohol,substance abuse,violence and unhealthy sex *Causing accidents ** Making people sick *Anger and emotional imbalance ** Fear ** Not allowing the victim to sleep *Depression *Making the victim commit suicide *Blocking a women’s monthly periods *Blocking a women’s ability to conceive ** Rape of women in dreams by the spirits,where the orgasm is real ** Paranormal activity is experienced by the victims of black magic,this is done to terrorize weak minded humans ** Kill people by giving them a heart attack,kidney failure and activating cancer in the victims body. There is a whole lot that can be inflicted upon people using black magic.

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