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Best tantrik astrologer in PARAMARIBO SURINAME

Astrological structures, applied to human life, establish a calendar of the development of our life, by measuring and mathematically tracing the subjective and qualitative dimensions of experience.

Modern science, based on the supposed impossibility of studying “scientifically”.  What is not quantifiable – such as the consciousness and subjective experience of man – irrationally rejects astrology, whose vitality in the present threat to the collapse of the wall of rationalism positivist . The mechanist who for more than two centuries has kept man’s cognitive will subdued and shadowed. You can get services on

  According to Best tantrik astrologer in PARAMARIBO SURINAME , the activity of the planets of the solar system is not modeled in terms ofl influences but through a concordance or correspondence between the planetary dynamics and that of a human life. Whether the planets have influence or not is importance to astrology. On the basis of this , Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala tell you about your future and upcoming worries.

It is the movements, the mutual relationships that are taken into consideration for the establishment of a kind of biographical symphony whose score must be interpreted according to the astrologer’s ability and talent.

Talking about astrological influences or planetary effluvia is an old habit that is completely valid today, since it represents an archaic explanation of the astrological mechanism that is clearly unsustainable and does not withstand the slightest critical examination. Whoever still talks in those terms. You can know more on

   An astrological structure or map design by Best tantrik astrologer in PARAMARIBO SURINAME is a mathematical model of reality that allows us to identify or describe experience in a more meaningful and abstract way;

But the fact of translating a phenomenon into the specialized language of astrology does not mean having explained or understood it.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala  astrology is essentially an analytical margin of reference for the mind, not reality itself. Just as the calendar orders time, astrology orders existence by giving it qualities to become by triangulating living and moving space in consciousness. Astrology does not duplicate reality but rather simplifies and generalizes it; it is the function, or the functional meaning of reality, that reveals an astrological structure, never reality itself.

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