ATTENTION PLEASE ,The following is the mandatory Legal Notice required for all types of tantrik/astrology activities & alternative healing services. The tantrik and astrologic approaches to wellness presented by here may or may not be recognized by the science or medical community or be well researched as to their effectiveness. We make no guarantees regarding the effectiveness this tantrik & astrology practices and These approaches are not intended to replace science/medical diagnosis decisions or treatment. By practicing/purchasing these suggestion,services or products, you agree that you have read and understand their associated disclaimers.You also agree that the decision to try these tantrik/astrologic approaches to solution/wellness is solely your own decision. tantrik and astrologic practice and Transformational sessions are not a substitute for professional medical/psychological care.This services is provided from kolkata to all cities of India , & This service is provided from India to all continental Country of the World .

To proceed to do any practice of tantra please read these regulations carefully. We practise and and believe in Indian Tantra & Astrology. We believe in social & legal Tantrik Activities that has been claimed in ancient and current Indian tantrik scripts and documents. We believe that Tantra activities is an another worship system for god and it can can produce positive force to do fair for mankind.

We believe,Tantra activities also can Reduce negative force and subjugate evil or devil energy in human life. We believe that tantra activities can give simply spiritual knowledge to human beings. So, If you have only belief on TANTRA & ASTROLOGY and have trust on us ( Onlineaghori Dot Com ) then you will be eligible to be a candidate and you can proceed with us only. because tantra ,astrology ,gods concepts,worship concepts may not trucked by science, logic,its acceptable to your belief only . so
ARGUMENT IS NEVER ALLOWED, if you contribute any price for tantra practice then that will be accepted as non refundable fund. Your Given price never be refunded in future on any term but after giving money ,within 3 hours you can claim to get back your given money if you do not want to proceed further your task. And it is strictly said that after 3 hours, you shall never claim to get back your given money.And after taking ay remedies ,services, suggestion ,solution ,tantrik or astrological method ,instruction ,taking any holy materials ,holy product,amulet if you fall co- incidentally in danger,diseases,medical issues,any types of accident,suicide,death,even crime activities then given services ,suggestions ,remedies,product and given speech never be responsible for your above incident. To proceed to do any practice of tantra & astrology you have to read & accept these regulations strictly & carefully that has been noticed on placard and mentioned link .


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