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MANGLIK YOG Problem solution & counseling


Manglik yoga is one of the most malefic planetary yoga in Indian astrology. Generally this yoga delays marriage period and make disorder after marriage..And a manglik male profile should accept a manglik female profile . Generally female profile are most affected by manglik yoga than a male profile. So if you have manglik yoga ,you should remove timely this affect with Indian tantra. and if you want ot contact with us then please firstly send your photographs,name recent status of problem.SMS or whatsapp 9836390544

Manglik Dosh Solution Astrologer

Our Manglik Dosh Problem Solution Astrologers say Vedic astrology in India is an ancient and proven science of world importance and is considered a serious astrology flaw. Also known as Bhom Dosha or Kuja Dosha, this Manha Dosha is caused by the bad position of Mars in a person’s birth chart and is represented by adverse or malicious effects from Mars. People who abused their partners in their previous lives are generally believed to suffer from this dosha. Men or women who have been adversely affected by Mars [ie have a Mangal Gardosha] are said to be mangalic. One of the unique characteristics of the Mangalik people is that they are very aggressive, prejudiced, impatient, and dominant in nature.

A person is said to be mangalic if Mars is placed in one of the following houses in the birth chart: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th. The severity of mangal dosha depends on the location of Mars, 7th house (maximum), 1st house (minor), 8th house, 4th house, 12th house, 2nd house (From lowest to lowest are: The dosha in this mangal is believed to cause the following problems:

• Late marriage

• Difficulty and excitement in marriage

• Couple conflicts and regular fights

• Economic loss

• Professional issues

• Divorce or divorce

• Permanent disability or spouse death

Manglik dosha treatment after marriage

Post-Marriage Manglik Dosha Therapy

Our manglik Dosha Solutions Astrologer interruptions or delays in marriage are the most common incidents found by Manglik prior to marriage (in addition to this, excellent on drug treatment in this case). Please visit our website. The place is world famous and reliable. Post-Marriage Manglik Dosha Remedies When Mangal dosha does not diminish or cancel after marriage, the most likely questions and issues are marital harmony and discord, lack of marital intimacy and intimacy. .. , A lack of peace and ease of service desired in family life, a little lasting impediment in a couple of strange numbers of manglik, or even a couple of sudden death or the possibility of odd manglik.

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