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JOB & CAREER PROBLEM solution & counseling


You have sufficient education,knowledge,training but you too effort to get a job yet you have been rejected many times due to invisible reasons viz- planets, stars, devil force, blackmagic, hidden enmity etc.and really you are in such problems then you should contact with efficient tantra practitioner.if want to contact with us then please firstly send your photographs,name recent status of problem. SMS or whatsapp 9836390544

Job Problem Solution by our astrologer astrology

Work is your gateway to your future, it’s a sea of ​​opportunity. In today’s competitive world, where growth, survival, and personal well-being are essential, everyone wants to be successful and do their best in the workplace. This means they should be aware of their work prospects and how their careers will progress. Astrology is a great way to do job or career related queries. This is because our work life, work, etc. are deeply influenced by the power of the planet that guides our lives and can answer many important questions about work life. A quick analysis of our horoscope will give you a lot of information about your professional life. The tenth home of a native horoscope is most relevant to professional life and is dominated by the sun and moon.

Many young people face work problems. After getting a higher education, everyone wanted to do a good job and stay calm in their lives. Even if you pass the test, someone admired got the opportunity on your behalf. This person leads to self-esteem.

Occupational Problem Solving Astrologist

People think Vashikaran is only used to affect people, but that is not true. Our astrologer also helps solve work problems. Vashikaran was used to influence the position of stars and planets. You can use this to get the desired position in the desired field.

Some of the remedies we recommend you should follow to get a job:

Worship the sun every day, stand in front of the rising sun, admire its power, and respect it spiritually. After the casting, leave the spoon filled with mustard oil during the mantra “Om khakolkaaya namah svaha”. Be sure to chant this mantra 108x and keep staring at the sun. (Note that the sun has not risen completely, so it can have a big impact on your eyes.)

  • Keep a silver object with you every time
  • Tie the neck using “anantmool” as a reading thread

Mantra sing “om kraam kreem krom sah bhomaaya namah”

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