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Best Aghori tantrik astrologer in Ladakh

The first task of the Best Aghori tantrik astrologer in Ladakh is to try to help the consultant to find meaning in his events (synchronicity), in his life and only afterwards to support him to “analyze events closely to determine which portion comes from outside and is inexplicable, and which belongs to me, pertains to what I have done, I could have done, I can still do “then formulate” predictions “.

Astrology as an orientation in life.  “Character had a better refuge, the oldest, away from military academies, pulpits and orphanages: astrology, where it still flourishes to this day. The popular vitality of astrology attests to the need we have for a psychology of character to guide us in life. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala offers the language of traits. Sometimes he lets himself be caught in the trap of pseudoscientific numerical counting, sometimes he flattens himself on the request, posed by the practical ego, to obtain success, to find love, to get out of trouble. Its main virtue, however, remains the representation of a sky full of characteristics that refer the individual soul to archetypal powers.

Astrology is the field that offers the best descriptions of character qualities through the help of Best Aghori tantrik astrologer in Ladakh. More than any other discipline, astrology provides us with the basis for a personality psychology in which this is conceived as a set of stable traits.

Astrology, are put in contact with each other: the planets, the signs, the houses of a natal chart (see at, with the planets of transit in specific signs, this relationship between the archetypes evokes infinite images, infinite possibilities interpretations that can be transformed into a range of forecasting possibilities only if there is the active participation of the consultant, his history, his reality. The story, the life, the choices that the consultant has made or wants to make define the images and allow the forecast by Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala at It is like being nearsighted, seeing everything blurred, everything seems indefinite and possible and then putting on glasses, then reality shows itself in its infinite nuances, but apparently clear.

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