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The Solar Hero

The 12 is related to the cycles of nature and the Sun, and our life also depends on those cycles. From our birth to our death, we are subject to natural cycles says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala

The origin of the myth of the solar hero begins with the Sun’s journey on its journey from East to West and from West to East says Best tantrik astrologer in PORT-AU-PRINCE HAITI. That journey represents the archetype of the solar hero who must make the journey that goes from light to darkness and from darkness to light. The journey of the solar hero is the struggle of the sleeping man who has forgotten his true origin, which is light.

According to Best tantrik astrologer in PORT-AU-PRINCE HAITI the zodiac and mythology are closely linked and share the same spiritual archetypes. Archetypes are inscribed in our soul whether we are aware of them or not. Jung called this universe of symbolic images “collective unconscious”. 

The journey of the solar hero is the path of self-knowledge. Once we are incarnated in this world, we undertake an adventure in the first place unconsciously, then we make the unconscious conscious, until we discover our true nature of light on our way. On this path Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala meet their shadow (represented by the mythological dragon), which we did not recognize at first. In this fight with our shadow we can succumb. The astrologers at saythat the role of the ego is very well explained in this quote from Jung. The ego represents the mask, the personality with which the ego identifies and which is made up of different sub-personalities. When you start the journey of self-knowledge, these masks fall one by one and we find ourselves face to face with our shadow. When the masks fall, you no longer believe your role, your world becomes small, you are naked, existential crises arise, and it is at this moment that the superior Being must be allowed to act, which is the one that integrates experiences aware.  Know about the solar hero at

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