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Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Barasat

Your astrological sign depends on the position of the sun at the time you were born, but you have to pay close attention to the moon and its position in your natal chart throught which Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala reveals the most secret features of your personality, those that maybe not even you know.

Your Moon Sign influences your inner life and shows Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Barasat the foundations of your personality. The harmony between both Signs, the Solar and the Lunar, provides above all inner peace, while if they are in dissonance that forces more work to achieve it.

In general, this harmony is much easier to achieve if both the Solar and the Lunar signs are in male or female Signs. If you want to know if your nature and your subconscious go hand in hand, compare the characteristic features of the two.

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Moon in ARIES

You have a very explosive soon that luckily as it comes it goes says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. You are charismatic and ambitious and although you go to yours, you can be counted on when you are needed.

You need your work and family environment to give you space for those moments of solitude that you need so much. You are likely to be attracted to people who are dynamic, outgoing, strong-willed and even dominant.

Moon in TAURUS

You need tenderness in your life says Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Barasat. You have a great heart that desperately seeks to love and be loved. You are very protective and you are always present in the life of your family. You like nature and living in the country would give you great peace. You are homely and you love to receive family and friends and entertain them since you are happy seeing others happy. In love you are attracted to sensual and passionate people. Check the position of moon in your horoscope at

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