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Best tantrik astrologer in asmara eritrea

An individual’s personality changes over time. It adapts to the constraints encountered and to the environment. The dominant planet brings out a dominant faculty. The latter may give way to a secondary faculty. According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala this happens when certain life situations require personal development or particular individual growth.

How does the planet become dominant?

The Best tantrik astrologer in asmara eritrea has their own technique for determining the dominant planets in an astrological chart at The first step is to locate a planet forming a conjunction with one of the major angles. There are four: the Ascendant the Descendant, the Midheaven and the Heaven.

When a planet is located less than 10 ° away from these angles, it is because it is dominant. If no planet fulfills this standard criterion, it is necessary to analyze others. Does a conjunction with the Sun or the Moon enhance the ruler of the Ascendant? Do several planets come together in a sign or a house? If yes, which planet “dominates” this sign or this house? Etc. Get answer to all these questions at

The 5 criteria that strengthen the dominant planets

Angularity: designates the conjunction with one of the four angles seen previously. These move quickly. They make the person unique says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.

The conjunctions to the Luminaries: designate the conjunctions with the Sun or the Moon. They define how the individual identifies and feels things.

The masteries: to each sign are joined two stars, the steward and the exaltation. The more the sign is filled, the more the master is valued. Masteries add power says Best tantrik astrologer in asmara eritrea.

Aspects: the number of aspects plays on the strength of the planet. This will be all the more accurate if they are aspects of the Sun and the Moon, or so-called fast planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars and Ceres).

Conjunctions at fictitious points: conjunctions at lunar nodes strengthen the dominant planet. The nodes symbolize the line of evolution of an individual. The South node is the refuge.

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