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Best tantrik astrologer in Buxar

Is there a sense of evolution? How would an approach to knowing this truth and this meaning be useful for the proper management of our existence, individually and collectively? In other words, is observing the world capable of delivering us the truths that each individual and each community need to manage their existence well?

By “world” we mean the whole of everything that exists. We will leave aside what we usually call the Cosmos, the Universe, to stick to the one world of our planet Earth.

The signs of the zodiac are the expression of an unseparated astronomical and human reality. They account for astronomical phenomena (objective signals) and the human responses they elicit (natural conditioning). The zodiac has a reality that goes beyond its symbolic representation alone. 

It can therefore be explored from the angle of photoperiodism and cyclical natural phenomena that effect adaptive behaviors for the living. Remarkable fact: astrology attracts so many critics of all kinds (linked to most erroneous beliefs), that the phases of the annual day-night variations of the zodiac have never attracted the least scientific interest to them. You can know more on

“Moving the lines of our existence” We are even millions, each year, to consult an astrologer like  Bhoktibhikshu Dr. AbhayBala . If the hope of better days guides our steps in these offices, more and more astrologer s offer consultations of a new kind. Certainly, they tell us about the astral weather of our coming year, about the great planetary transits capable of moving the lines of our existence – or blocking them. But more of them are now offering something else: teaching us to live better. The Best tantrik astrologer in  Buxar Tame our fears, transform our relationship with others when it is a source of disappointment or suffering, discover these inner paradoxes that hold us back.

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