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Best tantrik astrologer in India

Whether out of curiosity or conviction, many people listen to their ears every morning to listen to their daily horoscope. Without knowing it, they trust their astrologer who speaks through the media (radio, newspapers, TV, internet, etc.) to adjust their actions the rest of the day.

Why consult an astrologer? Best tantrik astrologer in India understands that in the East (Indian subcontinent) and in Asia, where astrology has always been part of culture, we consult an astrologer. But in the West, one wonders about the growing interest of Westerners in astrology. The rest of the article reveals some elements of the answer.

Know how to differentiate an astrologer from a clairvoyant

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is not a divinatory art based on the extrasensory capacities of the seer. It is an ancestral art which consists in studying and interpreting the language of the stars.

Astrology, commonly practiced in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, is considered a formidable decision-making tool. Best tantrik astrologer in India, observing the sky, had noticed the relationships between the position of the stars (what is written in the sky) and what is happening on earth. The Egyptian priests determined approximately the beginning of the flood of the Nile, thanks to astrology. Let us also remember the legend around the Nativity: the Magi knew the birth of the Messiah by the stars and they discovered his birthplace thanks to a comet. The Best tantrik astrologer in India worthy of the name must be able to establish the astrological chart of an individual, based on the image of the sky (position of the stars) at the time of his birth. It thus helps those who come to consult it to get to know each other better, and to have indications on the influence of the planets in all areas of existence: love, family, friendship, work, finance, etc.

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