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Tantrik in Mumbai


Professional Tantrik in Mumbai
Looking for a tantrik to ease your worries? Welcome to and meet Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Aghori– one of the most renowned tantra practitioners of the area. You’ll be surprised to know that The Aghoris have been part and parcel of Indian culture and traditions for long. Also known as ascetic Shaiva sadhus, they perform fascinating rituals called tantra-mantra. Carrying on this legacy, Dr. Abhay offers tantrik services for those in love troubles, marriage disputes, business problems, education and job issues, and fear because of an enmity, with kaal sharp dosha, manglik yoga, or other planetary troubles, or simply in need of black magic solutions.

Via his services, a troubled soul can identify the hidden energy within him and apply it to heal himself. The services are open to all, irrespective of caste, creed, age, or sex. Dr. Abhay’s ultimate aim is to unite people with their innate self and help them connect with the Divine forces. Trained under Gurudev Shrimat Acharya Bibekananda Goswami, Dr. Abhay also holds expertise in astrology, various religions, mythology, philosophy, and psychology. Should you be looking forward to consulting a reliable tantrik in Mumbai, & kolkata look no further than Dr. Abhay Bhoktibhikshu. Visit the ‘about’ page of this website to know more about him.

Many Problems, One Destination

Relationship Problems – love and marriage
Black Magic – to win ex-lover or spouse back.
Black Magic – to treat illness.
Tantric solutions to business, educational, job, and career choice issues.
Removing kaal sharp yoga and manglik dosha.

About Tantra And The Aghoris
As a part of their tantric tradition, Aghoris believe in rituals, practices, and the art of meditation to channelise the macrocosm’s energy into the microcosm. This is also known as attaining siddhi or moksha. They are the worshippers of Dattatreya, a Hindu deity who is believed to be a united incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The way of an Aghori’s work is to indulge in self-realisation in the midst of total darkness. The overall idea is, the physical state of a person is universal and primordial.

Every man is a born Aghori and can dominate his fears only if he unlearns whatever he has learnt in the mortal world. This is possible through tantra, which also means expansion and liberation. In other words, your awareness is amplified and you head towards a better life, fee of all worries. It is also related to karma and how a person’s life is influenced by it. At, simple techniques and tricks are used to free the mortal soul of troubles, introduce him to his karmic bonds and make him realise his self.

How Works

Studying a person’s kundali (birth chart or natal chart).
Telling a person when to begin a certain business or marry or have children.
Helping with issues related to lack of success, love, and job.
Performing black magic on those deprived of love or attention.
Healing various illnesses with tantric and Aghori tactics.
Do not sit and suffer when Dr. Abhay Aghori Bhoktibhikshu is here. Believe the power of tantra and the expertise of the Aghoris. Contact us for a consultation today.

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