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Best tantrik astrologer in Dhaka Bangladesh

A natural question that anyone who approaches astrology at begins with: why in the age of unprecedented achievements of astronomy and space flights did the fascination with astrology return to the most progressive and civilized nations? Why not black magic? Why not alchemy? As for the future, at some point in life, every person feels the hopeless helplessness of the human mind and experience.

Astrology and astronomy came from one source – people’s interest in celestial mechanics and the possibility of using it to predict the future. There was once no difference between an astrologer and an astronomer. According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala this can be seen from the history of these two objects, which until some point completely coincides and tells how calendars were created in ancient civilizations and the trajectories of the motion of celestial bodies were calculated.

Today, making a horoscope is quite simple – there are computer programs at that instantly calculate the position of the planets for any point on the Earth. Perhaps that is why there are now many Best tantrik astrologer in Dhaka Bangladesh, to say the least, of low flight.

After all, it is easy to compose a horoscope, but it is difficult to understand how all these factors are combined in the life of a particular person and what it will lead to. Therefore, Bhoktinhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala rely only on intuition – having a brief glance at the birth chart, they are deleted in ranting on general topics, more or less successfully getting on the keys. Unfortunately, in the case of newspaper forecasts, such vagueness is inevitable, since, it turns out, the Best tantrik astrologer in Dhaka Bangladesh knows only the position of the Sun about his reader, and now we see that this is just one factor from the many.

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