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Best tantrik astrologer in PANAMA CITY PANAMA

How to consult an astrologer

Because an astrological consultation is first and foremost a human contact between 2 people, Best tantrik astrologer in PANAMA CITY PANAMA think it useful to specify here what a consultation can bring you, how it happens, but also – above all – what it does is not, what it will not bring you, and by deduction the wrong reasons to have recourse to astrology.

Why consult an astrologer?

Many people have a false idea of what astrology is and therefore what an astrologer’s job is. He do not say fortune telling … Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala is not a clairvoyant or a medium. He will not predict that your next lover will be brown, that your boss will offer you 200 Euros increase, nor that your stepmother will be hospitalized for such reason, and he will not find you the numbers for the next lotto Astrology as he practice it consists in the study of the astrological cycles for a better personal and spiritual personal development.

Knowing your birth chart allows Best tantrik astrologer in PANAMA CITY PANAMA to know the basic potentials that nature has given us and that we are responsible for developing throughout our existence in order to flourish. Thanks to planetary transits and progressions, we have the dynamic updating of the birth chart at when we carry out a global forecast study. Astrology can make it possible to understand the periods in which we live, as much those past or present, as to anticipate future cycles, it can constitute a very important decision aid.This knowledge of the stars allows Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to develop a certain wisdom and philosophy of life. The astrological consultation offers the possibility of knowing yourself better and taking a step back from yourself and others, including in your businesses. It also suggests ways at to refine our behavior, both in our daily way of working, and in our way of relating to the outside world and our environment.

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