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Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Ujjain

Like all science, astrology reduces reality to a series of basic categories that allow analysis to be undertaken; these categories and their inter-relationships constitute a language. In this sense, astrology can be considered as the art of linguistic and psychological reduction of the constituent elements of human experience. Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Ujjain says that the reduction of existence to manipulable categories is not knowledge per se but a more abstract and synthetic language; that is to say, it is a way of meta-knowledge, of organizing and structuring knowledge while controlling its methods and results.


The analysis of the astrological map, combined with the intelligent observation of an experience in terms of temporal sequences, allows Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to exponentially raise the meaning of any situation or behavior, which by itself would not reveal much. By referring an experience to the astrological structure Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Ujjain extract the meaning of the limits determined by the immediate situation.

Astrologers place this meaning in a margin of reference that transcends the circumstances, and that allows them to appreciate – and even contemplate – the person in terms of itself, as a conjugation of its past, its present, and its future beyond the time established by immediate circumstances. Learn about your past, and future at In other words, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala intensify the meaning of a behavior or an experience to such an extent, relating them to the total complex of the biography, that we penetrate to the potential or the promise that is revealed in a vision extended in time, which appears lucidly in the intuition. This is possible thanks to the constant dialogue between the observed experience and the structure of the astrological map at This dialogue, the product of arduous discipline, makes possible a higher level of understanding that comes close to wisdom.

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