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Best tantrik astrologer in n'djamena chad

Astrology, our astrologers study your stars

What is astrology?

When we see that nature is subject to the influence of the sky, we come to wonder if man himself would not be equally receptive to the passage of the planets. After all, are we not talking about human nature?

What if human beings were also influenced by the seasons, the moon or the sun like plantations? Once this invisible, but solid link established between heaven and earth, astrology follows as evidence for Best tantrik astrologer in n’djamena chad. Decryption of the science of the stars by astrologers.

Astrology, another way of knowing yourself

Rudhyar in his book entitled The Practice of Astrology gives a very telling definition of this science. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala describes it in these words “Astrology is the study of the parallelism that can be observed between the unfolding of events in the universe and in the consciousness of man”. It sums up the basics and structure of astrology well at However, this definition of traditional astrology no longer completely matches that given today.

If astrology was originally intended to highlight our unconscious and the hidden messages of our life mission, it is also used today to give the keys to implement the mechanisms of emotional release at It therefore becomes a technique of personal development much more by Best tantrik astrologer in n’djamena chad than a simple method of self-knowledge. Eyes turned towards the Universe, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala decipher the message of the stars in order to better perceive the future by following the evolution of the planets. There is therefore nothing mystical in astrology, but it is indeed a science based on the knowledge of the influence of the movements present in the universe on man at a given date and time.

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