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Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Qadi Pur

Astronomy – the science of the stars

Astronomy is probably the oldest science in human history. It has its origins in astrology, which has not been part of natural science for a long time.

According to Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Qadi Pur astronomy comes from the Greek and means astronomy. Astronomy examines celestial bodies such as the sun or the moon, interstellar matter, and radiation in space. The positions, movements, and properties of these three objects of investigation are researched using scientific means. To know more visit

Astronomy also strives to understand the structure and emergence of the universe to understand it is a whole and in its entirety. Science is divided into the following research areas.

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Observing astronomy examines celestial bodies based on the particles and radiation that reach us on earth. The Astrophysics explores the physical basis of the heavenly bodies.

 In astrometry, positions and movements of the stars are measured in precisely defined reference systems. Celestial mechanics relate the movements of the celestial bodies in connection with physical theories and mathematical modeling.

The horoscope – tool of astrology

Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Qadi Pur make interpretations and statements are mostly derived from a horoscope, which is the essential tool for astrologers. The horoscope represents the celestial bodies in a specific position and about a specific location and time. The planet positions of the largest and best-known celestial bodies, such as the sun and the earth’s moon, are shown and included in the interpretations.

A horoscope generally consists of the following four elements:

The largest and most famous celestial bodies such as the sun, moon or planets

The twelve signs of the zodiac, such as Aries, Leo or Pisces

The horoscope houses that represent the zodiac from a geocentric perspective The horoscope is based on the belief that the celestial bodies’ position and movements in connection of the signs of the zodiac, the horoscope houses, and the ascendant could be used to conclude a person’s personality and future events.

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