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How to identify zodiac sign 

Horoscope, everyone who sees one knows what your zodiac sign is, right? What not everyone knows is that the zodiac sign you think you have is not actually yours. The blame for this gigantic error is shared by two factors:

 (1) The merger (and confusion) of two zodiacal systems

 (2) Something called the precession of the equinoxes.

Let’s try to explain to them and find out what your real zodiac sign is.

The two fused zodiac systems date to at least the 5th century BC and are the sidereal and tropical zodiac. You know that during the day, you cannot see the stars, but things would change if you did not have an atmosphere, as on the Moon. Well, in that case, we could see the Sun move through a background of stars as the Earth advances in its orbit throughout the year. If you add a thickness of about ± 8 degrees to the path that the Sun follows in the sky, you obtain the zodiacal band.

Why is the zodiac band important? 

Knowing where the Sun is in the zodiacal band tells us what time of year we are. As you have an atmosphere, you cannot see the stars behind the Sun, but they can be deduced from the ones you can observe in the night sky. Nowadays, it seems unthinkable not knowing what day of the year it is, but long ago it was not a trivial problem and the stars were of great help. For example, the ancient Egyptians knew that the vision of Sirius, the brightest star from Earth, after 6 months disappeared, preceded the floods of the Nile. Maybe that’s where the name of the lead comes from. According to Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Vile Parle a good way to develop your knowledge is to take courses and read one of the thousands of good introductory horoscopes books.

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala, says that The ascendant is a very important part of an astrological chart.

Each of these groupings is a constellation. This way of organizing the stars is subjective and varies from one civilization to another. Currently, the International Astronomical Union has 88 constellations cataloged, of which 13 are in the zodiacal band. These 13 constellations make up the sidereal zodiac according to Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Vile Parle. They serve as a reference to determine where the Sun is, naturally defining an annual calendar, where the ‘months’ are the constellations and define the signs of the zodiac. Thus, when it is said that someone is Taurus, it means that when the sun was born, it was in the zone of the zodiacal band that the constellation of Taurus occupies.

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