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What makes a horoscope hit or miss?

12 Horoscope fortune-telling, which has become very familiar in magazines and TV says Best tantrik astrologer in ANKARA TURKEY. Nowadays, the number of people who don’t know their constellations has decreased considerably.

How is the constellation decided?

 The sun influences it. 12 Horoscope is called Solar Astrology, and it is a single horoscope that focuses on the sun.

First, the sun’s passage, the ecliptic 360 degrees, is divided by 30 degrees based on the spring equinox just the position of Aries, and it is divided into 12 Zodiac 12 palace says Best tantrik astrologer in ANKARA TURKEY. Zodiac 12 is Aries, Taurus each room of Pisces. The people of Aries had the sun at the palace of Aries on the day they were born, and the people of Taurus had the sun at the temple of Taurus on the day they were born.

Why do some magazines and TV change his constellation?

People born on the border of constellations may change their constellations depending on the magazine or TV. The reason that the constellation changes is that it is influenced by the irregularity of the Earth’s revolution speed says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. Since the error of about 3 to 9 hours occurs every year, the dates of the constellation boundaries change from year to year.

If you use the date to derive the constellation, such as in magazines, books, or the web like, different errors will occur each year, so it will not be possible to take exact measures. Even if you are not so interested in fortune-telling, you can say your birth constellation. But is your birth star the one you are currently thinking about. There was a time when 13 constellations fortune-telling started. It disappeared before you knew it. The thirteen constellations are the passage of the sun, and the Zodiac passes through the Serpent in addition to the twelve constellations that are now commonly used says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. Hence, it seems that there are thirteen constellations, and the strict sun is in the region of each constellation.