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Best tantrik or astrologer in Howrah

The Astrology as we know, has evolved over the years and many studies of large astrologers who have dedicated their life to observation and research of the universe. Over the centuries it has expanded in knowledge and application to conventional astrology.

As a result of this advance of centuries of evolutionary research that, now, thanks to computer tools, help us to quickly calculate people’s astrological data in one click, a new astrology design has been achieved, which Best tantrik/astrologer in howrah call “Harmonic Astrology.”

What is harmonic astrology?

For some years, leading astrologers like Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala have conducted research on harmonic techniques, theory, and interpretation. The harmonics are the result of astrological calculations quadratures, trine, sextile etc. This new way of approaching astrology has allowed astrologers to use, not only classical zodiacal astrology, but also as an ally to it. We can delve into a type of deep, analytical and creative interpretation that has been called “Flower Harmonica.”

The Harmonic Flower is the result of a number of astrological calculations generated by a, translated into waves that form a flower that contains some defining petals. These petals are simply a graphic element that helps Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to determine the importance or percentage of the value of each one. In total there are 12 superimposed flowers ranging from harmonic 1, single petal flower, to harmonic 12, twelve petal flowers. In total there are 77 petals distributed in those twelve planes.

What is the relationship between the signs and the flowers? Each of these planes or flowers has a meaning and different value and importance according to the person’s astrological chart at These values provide us with the trend that person will have in different areas of their life. This interpretation is used to support classical astrology and to provide the consultation with a depth and approach different from the traditional one.

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