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The practice of Tantra in our country remains in filth. Somewhere fear, somewhere false fear, somewhere false temptation, etc. The practice of Tantra is going on in opacity. Tantra is true but truthfulness is rare among today’s Tantrics. To transform the practice of Tantra into a transparent infrastructure, Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay has set up a commercial platform onlineAGHORI dotCom .( Click – www.onlineAGHORI.com ) onlineAGHORI.com is an online & offline service provider of Indian Tantrik & Vedic Astrological Service. onlineAGHORI.com is fully secured ,safe and trusted provider.It is certified with ISO 9001:2015 & Indian Govt.Registered also. Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay Bala ( Click here www.BhoktiBhikshu.Com to know about Dr. Abhay ) provides the astrological and tantrik service through it. Vedic Astrology & Indian Tantrik policy and Consultations ( with social & legal rules & conditions is applied -visit- www.onlineaghori.com/disclaimer ) is provided by Dr Abhay through onlineAGHORI.com . Viz- love problem solution, kal sarpa yoga problem, solution business problem solution, education problem solution, marriage problem solution, education problem solution, manglik problem solution, career/job problem solution, blackmagic problem solution, hidden enmity problem solution, ETC life’s issues is studied ,consulted ,fixed by Dr Abhay .

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