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Best tantrik astrologer in BAMAKO MALI

Which cocktail to choose according to its astrological sign

Some people consult their horoscope simply to find out the forecast for the day. Best tantrik astrologer in BAMAKO MALI use astrology to learn to know them better, or to know each other better. Indeed, each sign has its own characteristics, which vary according to the 4 elements, its placement in the zodiac, its planets but also the particularities unique to each to discover in its sky map. This even relates to health issues, sexual profile … Now discover the cocktail that suits them best on The opportunity to toast together to get to know each other.

The cocktail of the astrological sign of Aries

This nutritious red cocktail is perfect for the first sign, a sign of Fire full of energy says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. The Aries is the spark of the zodiac, the original impulse. Nothing like a Bloody Mary , this mixture composed of tomato juice and vodka, hints  of  Tabasco , wocerstershire  sauce and celery salt.

The cocktail of Taurus astrological sign

Generous, the first Earth sign of the zodiac will particularly appreciate this XXL cocktail. The real pieces of fruit found there evoke the fertile Earth. Crunch the apple, this Venusian sign loves it! In addition, the Sangria is also appreciated the next day. Efficient, the Taurus will like to spoil nothing. FYI, the other meaning of sangria in Spanish (bleeding) is puncture.

The cocktail of the astrological sign Gemini

First sign of air, Gemini enters the summer season. Cocktail made in Brazil is festive, dancing; the caipirinha makes you want carnival and fireworks. He therefore has everything to please the charming Gemini says Best tantrik astrologer in BAMAKO MALI.

The cocktail of the astrological sign of Cancer

Very romantic or even blue flower, Cancer will love a Blue Lagoon, a postcard drink if ever there was one. The lagoon also evokes the sea taken refuge in a cove bent by rocks, where the crab, its symbol, evolves in peace.

The cocktail of the astrological sign of Leo

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala for the king of animals, you need Champagne, and good! No question for his royal majesty to swallow a vulgar sparkling wine. Red as the Fire of its sign, this cocktail, the Royal Cranberry, mixing champagne, triple sec, white rum and cranberry juice will please the Lion for sure. Discover about other zodiac signs at

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