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HIDDEN ENMITY & CONSPIRACY Problem solution & counseling


Any big project, good relationship,business, marital life,happy family may be damaged by hidden enmity . and recently if you face in above disorder then you may be trapped any conspire,so be alert and try to find out the reality .And meanwhile ,if you have discovered or doubted anybody then you might protect that. If you want to help of indian tantra then you can contact with us. firstly send your photographs,name recent status of problem.SMS or whatsapp 983639054

Hidden enmity and conspiracy problem solution by us

The more competition you have, the more likely you are to have an enemy. You can always experience jealousy and anxiety around you. You have felt terrible actions from your enemies with the intention of injuring you, making sure you do well. You want a happy and peaceful life, but don’t know how to get out of this hostility that is giving you a sleepless night.

In this post, we will discuss the best astrology solutions to enemy problems. Our solutions aim to solve conflicts peacefully and help you spotlight on action rather than distressing about your enemies. These astrology solutions by us promise to overcome your enemies and assist you work quietly.

Types of enemy problems we talk about

Here are some of the types of enemy problems you might face in your life.

  • Belongings related issues
  • Love issues
  • Envy problem
  • Commerce competition
  • Misunderstood problem

These are some of the causes you might end up with an enemy and in most of these state of affairs you really can’t do anything.

Our astrology solutions for enemy problems

The only way to stay alive these troubles is to reduce the enemy’s negative power, gain more power, or obliterate the enemy. Below are some solutions by us that promise to stay you safe from the harmful possessions of enemies:

Hanuman Chora

Our Hanuman Chora is always protecting us from the opponent. We offer Hanumanji Chora on auspicious times at Krishna Paksha on Tuesdays or Saturdays. You will also need to recite Hanuman Charisa in one session 108 times at a time on the same day. It acts as a strong shield against all physical and non-physical enemies.

Burn nails

Every day after bathing, recite the burning of two teeth with Hanuman Chalisa. Place Tilak with nail ash as it makes a positive difference in your life.

Install Siddha Yantra We install Siddha Yantra at your home. It protect you from evil eyes and negative energy. It guards your family, business, money and everything from the possessions of enemies.

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