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Best astrologer tantrik in Kanpur

Know About Some Basic Astrology

Astrology was probably born the day when Man looked at the starry sky, the movement of the Moon and the Sun and that he made connections between these observations of the sky and the cyclical nature of the seasons and of life. In other words, astrology is a very old lady. She’s gone through ages, she knows a lot about us, and we’d better listen to her on

In Antiquity, in the West as in the Middle East, Best astrologer tantrik in Kanpur was often at the same time astronomer, doctor, scholar and adviser for the men of power (some of our contemporary politicians would still have recourse to their knowledge, but hush. .. that would only be a rumor!) Anyway, the knowledge of the astrologer was recognized at Astrological knowledge was, at a minimum, an integral part of culture.

Conditionalist astrology :. It is recommended by Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala as the most “modern” astrology. Built on different bases, it does not attach the planets to symbolic meanings, but has signals that are expressed in different planes: the RET system (RET for Representation – Existence and Transcendence). I will not expand further on this astrological school which does not speak to me at all in the current state of my culture and my practice.

– Karmic astrology : Of oriental spiritual influence, karmic astrology hooks the human to the whole of the universe and widens the analysis beyond the existence of the moment told Best astrologer tantrik in Kanpur. To understand that karmic astrology leads to take into account the karma of past lives to improve it in this life and raise it to a higher level in future lives.

– Traditionalist astrology : It is probably the closest to the original astrology says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. To the seven planets visible to the naked eye used in the Middle Ages, it of course added the stars discovered by technological innovations, but it probably remains too deterministic and can pose the question of human free will on its destiny.

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