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Best tantrik astrologer in BANGKOK THAILAND

Moon sign & Luna transition

The Moon passing through all the signs of the Zodiac for 28 days and immediately goes around the earth. Best tantrik astrologer in BANGKOK THAILAND provides all 2+ Nissin ecliptic perspectives and is generous to their changes. When the Moon reaches the sign that it is the sun, she disappears as her light fades into the sun’s radiance. This is the time of the dark full Moon, new Moon, seed new beginning. After this phase, she grows steadily at night.

When Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala reaches the fullest form, he is the opposite sign from the sun. This is the time to fully express himself, integrating both the outer active sun symbol and the inner reflecting moon sign. The Moon calls for light to express your inner nature by raising all the truth. Pressure can be intense, leading to crazy seizures, but the joy of seeing the whole thing is fierce.

Aries Moon

When the Moon moves to Aries, Best tantrik astrologer in BANGKOK THAILAND raises some fundamental identity issues. Standing naked in the procedure, you know yourself as you are. Many new beginnings have now hatched, but the energy is too fierce for safe planting.

Taurus full moon

In Taurus, the Moon is calm and brings stability. The feel of wood and rocks, the smell of your lover’s skin, the cycle of dirt the buzz subsides, you find yourself enduring.

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon inspires your curiosity. Exciting ideas are always displayed, like doors that open to reveal other doors. Now it’s time to make the connection, perhaps via email or phone at No plants to explore and learn from your garden.

Cancer month When Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala moves into cancer, the Moon remembers and brings with it all the emotions that accompany them. This is a fertile time, as tears nourish your roots more easily. All art is especially encouraged by culinary alchemy.

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