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Best tantrik astrologer in brasilia brazil

Astrology – The Knowledge of the Future

According to Best tantrik astrologer in brasilia brazil, in fact, the position of a planet turns out to be fundamental both for the type of character of that person and for his destiny: this, in fact, is written already at the moment of birth and is determined by the alignment of the various planets and stars.

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala says, for this reason, a person is sometimes defined as moody or with other terms that, in most of the times, have references precisely on the type of planet or star or other element that is found in a particular type of position and that, of consequently, it will influence, in a positive or negative way, on that person’s behaviour.

Of course, it is important to add that this type of concept does not always have a real basis on which to rely: often, in fact, even if the stars are positioned in a certain way, that person may not have that type of character typical of that astral condition it comes to manifest during birth and especially in the act of conception of that person. See your astral chart at

The central point of astrology

Astrology also has a central point which turns out to be completely different from the scientific knowledge that everyone is aware of says Best tantrik astrologer in brasilia brazil.

If, according to science, the Sun remains immobile and it is the Earth and all the other planets that rotate around it, in astrology the concept turns out to be completely opposite.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala, in fact, it is precisely the Earth that is the focal point of the Universe: all the planets and the Sun, including the stars, rotate around our planet, which remains immobile in the centre of the solar system. This theory at is based on a very simple concept: it is in fact man that is the focal point of the universe and for this reason; every element present in space revolves around it.

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