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Best tantrik astrologer in malabo equatorial guinea

The influence of planets in the horoscope

The dominant planets in an astrological chart at give indications as to the nature of an individual. Each planet controls a person in his own method. To analyze its influence by Best tantrik astrologer in malabo equatorial guinea on a man’s life, three criteria are essential:

The birth chart at, which defines how the configuration of the planets interacts with the birth chart of each individual

The possible demotion of the planets.

Note: we talk about a planet’s demotion when it retreats from the sun. Here are some examples of planetary influence. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bals gives them a specific role, depending on the mythological deity with which they are associated:

The moon: sensitivity, dream and illusion.

The sun: vitality and will.

Mercury: thought, reflection and intellect.

Saturn: analysis, reflection and depth.

Jupiter: success, development, pleasures and appearance.

Uranus: uniqueness, the gift of innovation, change.

Pluto: transformation, destruction and rebirth.

Neptune: clairvoyance and faith.

The importance of the dominant planet in a theme

The characteristics of the dominant planets in an astrological chart play on the choices, attractions, desires and important decisions. The dominant “colors” the character. Each planet has positive and other negative characteristics says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. When it is found in a sign which gives it a positive aspect, and its associations with other planets create harmonious aspects, the positive points will take over. Otherwise, the negative points will have more impact. The dominant planet in an astrological chart occupies the first position in the interplanetary hierarchy says Best tantrik astrologer in malabo equatorial guinea. It guides your character and your most important and long-term motivations of your personality. Through it, you perceive the world in a certain way. Astrological signs only determine part of the personality.

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