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Best tantrik astrologer in quito ecuador

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala the world of astrology is so multifaceted that it is more accurate to speak of astrology than astrology. But if there are a large number of astrological schools, they are however grouped into two main streams which are distinguished by the philosophy behind them, and by the purpose they assign to the practice of this millennial art at

 The first current is that which prevailed from the origin of astrology until the last century says Best tantrik astrologer in quito ecuador. The schools attached to it see in the Sky Map the means of predicting the quality of the different periods of human existence, and of describing the behavior of a person or his close relations. This type of approach proceeds from magical thinking: the planets are assimilated to celestial deities who rule human destiny, individuals are subject to the influence of forces that exceed them and are the cause of events that occur (see at

Astrology at the service of humans

Structural Astrology is firmly in line with Humanist Astrology. While integrating the foundations of Tradition, it is a decisive contribution, revealing a radically new dimension and perspectives. Considering that the true vocation of astrology is to help the human being to express the best of himself and to lead a life rich in meaning, Best tantrik astrologer in quito Ecuador has developed specific techniques adapted to the concrete questions posed by women and men today: Why is it that a particular area of ​​my life is often a place of failure? What profession would allow me to realize myself socially? What crisis is my child going through, and how can I help him? How to overcome behavior that spoils the relationship with my spouse? What prevents me from daring my desires? … The answer to these questions supposes a progression of the consciousness that the role of Structural Astrology is to facilitate says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.

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