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12 houses in astrology: the basis of a personal horoscope

Houses in astrology are of great importance in the natal chart and show not only the current picture of the world but also the potential of a person. A good horoscope can only be created with houses in mind. This is the life of a person in society, and his inner world, some nooks and crannies of which are hidden from him. There are 12 houses in astrology, based on which a person’s horoscope is created says Best Black Magic Aghori Tantrik Astrologer in Madison Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Description of the house in astrology

The zodiac circle is divided not only into twelve signs, each occupying 30 degrees says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. Also, it is distributed over twelve houses fields, which can occupy sectors of different sizes.

The term house of the horoscope derives from the word DOMINUS, which means GOD in Latin. Houses in astrology are based on the rotation of the celestial sphere around the Earth during the day. Horoscope fields are calculated in the sidereal time system at – the rotation of our planet around its axis. For 24 hours, the entire 360-degree ecliptic passes through the ASC horizon line.

What determines the size of a person’s house? 

From the coordinates of the place of his birth, as well as from what part of the day he was born. Therefore, the configuration of houses in the natal chart is unique, which determines the differences in human destinies says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.

How the house system works in astrology According to Best Black Magic Aghori Tantrik Astrologer in Madison Milwaukee Wisconsin the primacy of houses is the main principle on which predictive astrology is based. The signs of the zodiac sign and the nature of the planets play a supporting role. The personal canvas of life events is formed by the interaction of houses with each other, which is why they are given the leading role.

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