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Jagotguru Shrimat Acharya Bibekananda Goswami.
Many scholar persons of our country were saints. They were great scholars as well as great devotees. They lived as Hrishis. Goswami Bibekananda was also a great scholar well versed in Vedic – philosophy and mythology. People say that Acharya Bibekananda, by virtue of his perfect devotion, was so fortunate as to meet Radha-Krishna the renowned DEVOTEE of Sri Krishna. It is said Radhika-typed Devotion helped him to see with his own eyes Sri Krishna and Radhika. His words and deeds are the code of human conduct in this world.’ Acharya Bibekananda declared: ‘Bhakti is the only way leading to God’s grace. Sri Krishna is the Supreme God . He is the ideal lover for world And he is the Lord of universe. To Know details please visit- Acharya Bibekananda.

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