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Best tantrik astrologer in nassau bahamas

Astrology Jyotish is one of the applied Vedic sciences that explain how the earth and the microcosm of a person are connected with the macrocosm, with the Universe. Best tantrik astrologer in nassau bahamas explains how a person should plan his day, trips, important undertakings in life, to build your relationship, to understand the nature of your narrowed and your children, choose the right purpose in your life.

Imagine, you came to the store to buy some equipment needed in the household, you chose, bought, brought home … And? According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala there is an instruction for everything. But how many people read it? We press the buttons – maybe it will turn out, and more often it turns out, than it doesn’t work out. After all, we went to school, we know something, and besides, most of the time, the equipment manufacturers rely on “a fool” – they think so over everything so as to avoid any stupidity. But this is a technique – in the worst case, we will ruin it and just throw it away.

Best tantrik astrologer in nassau bahamas says that life cannot be thrown away! We are born, and instructions are not given to us, as it seems to us. And we, like blind kittens, poke in different directions, press one button, then the other, and we can’t understand why in our life everything happens not as we would like. Why do we often step on the same rake and then blame fate, teachers, parents, ungrateful children, terrible bosses, etc. that they don’t understand us? Is there an answer to this? Yes, there is – your natal chart (see at Each of us comes to this world at a clearly defined time for him says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.  Even other problems – all this was originally laid. We all come to this world to take our lessons. And it is the astrological chart at that helps us to understand which way we should move, what we must learn in this life.

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