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Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Ghatkopar

Clairvoyance in time: the future

You can, to some extent, albeit very vaguely, imagine that to consciousness sufficiently open, the entire past can appear simultaneously and effectively, but if you try to imagine how the whole future can also be contained in this consciousness, you will face even more significant difficulties.

 If you could believe in the theory of predestination, it would be easier for us to understand. Still, since you know that both are only an ugly distortion of the truth, you must look for a more acceptable hypothesis. To know more , visit

Of course, some people deny any possibility of foresight, but such a denial reveals only how ignorant they are in this area. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala  explain that many well-verified cases leave no room for doubt itself, but many of these cases are such that you can find. For them, a reasonable explanation is not an easy task. This is no doubt that the ego has some ability of foresight.

 Suppose the events that a person foresees were always very significant. In that case, one could assume that some exceptional motive allows the ego, in each given case, clearly impress in the consciousness of his lower personality what he saw. Undoubtedly, this explains many cases when death or a great misfortune is foreseen, but there are many such cases, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala is a popular astrologer for reading and making of astrological chart .

According to Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Ghatkopar a man who did not believe in anything occult was warned by a clairvoyant who lived in the mountains about one neighbor’s impending death.

 The prophecy was full of details, right down to a complete description of the funeral, with the names of four persons who were supposed to support the ends of the veil at the funeral ceremony and the names of the rest of those present. Find all astrologer services on

 The person to whom all this was said laughed at the whole story and quickly forgot it. But the death of a neighbor at the predicted time reminded him of the warning, and he decided to change at all costs at least part of this prediction and be himself one of those who would support the ends of the veil. Best tantrik aghori astrologer inGhatkopar says that managed to arrange things like this, as he wanted, but just as the funeral procession was about to move, he was recalled from his seat on some small matter that delayed him for one or two minutes. When he returned hastily, he saw with amazement that the procession had set off without him and that the prediction was fulfilled precisely, since the veil was carried by precisely the four indicated.

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