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Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Indore

Astrology Consultation for Self-knowledge with the Natal Chart at

How to deepen your Self-Knowledge and Personal Development?

What causes and how to improve a problem or situation that repeats itself in your life?

Do you need specific guidance at this time in your life?

How to interpret your Natal Chart?

Many of our relationship problems, emotional, professional, etc., are solved from the point of view of Self-Knowledge.

When you know and know yourself, you understand and can act, think and feel differently.

But … how to know each other?

The Natal Chart, through psychological and transpersonal Astrology, is a powerful and effective Self-knowledge tool, as well as wonderful, a map of yourself.

Your Natal Chart shows you clearly and truly your energetic structure from which your behavior arises, way of thinking, way of relating to others, emotional themes … And what is even better, why you live the things that do you live.

In your Natal Chart Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala can see your fears, your blocks, the unconscious dependencies that lead you to repeat patterns in your life … And also your talents, your vocation, your deepest desires, etc.

Because the Natal Chart tells you how you are and how you live, including the root or cause of your experiences. There is everything you already know about yourself, plus everything you still have to discover and experience.

The Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Indore Consultation

At we have been consulting for over many years (thousands of Letters) and Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala have specialized in Self-realization of the individual.

Our Consultations are oriented to your Self-knowledge and Personal Development path . It is only for you, and each Consultation is different according to your needs and interests.

Through the analysis of your Natal Chart and your current moment (Transits, Solar Revolution, Planetary Cycles) Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Indore can address issues such as:

  • The most relevant features of your personality, both conscious and unconscious
  • Difficulties that prevent you from advancing and how to overcome them, learning to do, etc
  • Your way of life and Personal Development for Self-realization

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