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Best tantrik astrologer in zagreb croatia

Astrology assumes that planetary movements affect moments in time. Because we are part of the history of the universe, the moment of birth recorded on the celestial clock is significant. The planets are always in motion, engaging in constant energies during our birth chart at

This practice uses a visual representation of the sky to explain the intrinsic meaning of planetary arrangements by Best tantrik astrologer in zagreb croatia at that time. All this can be analyzed using maps and various rules, which explain the symbolic language it contains.

Vedic astrology is influenced by Indian tradition and is based on the zodiac signs of the stars

 For example, the names of children are chosen on the basis of an astrological map called “menstruation”. Daily life is also punctuated by astrology.

One of the characteristics of this astrological form, different from other traditional methods, is the calculation of the ascendant. According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala there is a little trick to distinguish this practice from others. Indeed, in principle, despite some exceptions, any astrological system which does not use ascending points will not belong to horoscopic astrology.

  Suddenly you suspect there are many other forms of astrology.

 The entire Best tantrik astrologer in zagreb croatia practiced their own forms, some of which have merged and evolved into today’s common western astrology. 

This astrology is based on the moon and gives a secondary place to the other planets, including the sun. For example, birthdays are celebrated according to the birth based on the day of the lunar month.

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala is often obsessed with finding answers to astrology, so much so that we forget good and evil, what belongs to us and what does not belong to us. Although it is highly recommended to study various subjects for information on astrology, it should be emphasized that it is not good to get carried away. Too often people can over interpret the stars at and will begin to find signs where there are none. They began to have too much confidence in the movement of the stars and planets that they had forgotten that they had to take action to accomplish anything in life.

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