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Best tantrik astrologer in LIMA PERU


Astrology is about analyzing the impact of heavenly bodies on our lives. Best tantrik astrologer in LIMA PERU can read from it the history of the past, events that will come to us, character, aspirations, purpose of the Soul. Thanks to knowing the exact date of birth of a person, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala can check his exact character, goals in life, fate, illness, and also explain why he chose such and no other way in life.

Manipulations know about the influence of celestial bodies, not only led to the creation of a false image of the planets and their impact on human life but also distorted the ability of collective consciousness to properly image and use the energy of celestial bodies. It is important to demonize the planets and present their role from the perspective of the Wisdom of the Source of All That Is says Best tantrik astrologer in LIMA PERU. Knowledge from the Zero level shows the original idea of ​​how sky mechanics work before it was contaminated with foreign holograms before religions and cults were invented, and some astrological descriptions based on these holograms were developed. It is worth looking at interpretation mechanisms at that anchored in today’s universal consciousness and why they are used.

Astrological influences According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala reading astrological influences and perceiving portraits as an oracle is a mistake and results from a distorted understanding of the role of sky mechanics. The date of birth as a picture of the sky at the time of the birth of a man shows only the initial potential and interests of the Soul, which at the time of making the decision, was set at a certain level of consciousness and accordingly chose the Soul Plan, and within it set specific goals and lessons in specific areas of development. There is no such thing as destiny. Nor is it a sentence, but something like a timetable (which, as awareness increases and energy loads are released, and negative patterns) evolves towards a full understanding of the lesson and unification of consciousness with the original patterns derived from Pure Light. Learn about astrology at

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