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Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Bangur Nagar

The lunar zodiac sign

When you are asked for your zodiac sign, you probably only focus on your birthday. But, in fact, by the date of birth, you can calculate many more interesting astrological things that will describe your personality in as much detail as possible.

Therefore, today you will tell you about the rest of the chips by which you can study the character – the lunar zodiac sign, the ascendant, the crosses of the zodiac signs, the planet, and the house. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala go through the theory, find out your exact data

Lunar zodiac sign

According to Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Bangur Nagar the maximum that a person who is not interested in astrology knows is his solar zodiac sign. However, at the moment of your birth, all the planets are in sure signs. And the Moon even though it is just a satellite too.

The moon sign is about the inner world and the hidden emotions of a person. He is the one reason why two people with the same sun sign can be opposed.

 For example, you have two Leos, and one of them perfectly fits the description of this sign – a party-goer who loves to be in the spotlight and hates being alone. And the second is a shy guy who would quickly come home and sit in silence. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala is one of the well-known astrologer for all kind of the astrological services . You can find his services on

And what, the second is some wrong Leo? Not at all! It’s just that his Moon is most likely in Cancer – hence the eternal desire to remain alone. And in the first, the Moon can be in the same way in Leo, which only enhances this sign’s qualities in him.Yo know more visit

AscendantBest tantrik aghori astrologer in Bangur Nagar says that the Ascendant is an ascending sign that is the sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The Ascendant is who you are with other people. Your public mask, the face that you prefer to show others. You seem to be, but not completely.

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