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Best tantrik astrologer in KUWAIT CITY KUWAIT

Astrology connects Best tantrik astrologer in KUWAIT CITY KUWAIT to the sacred in the universe, and in many of the religious myths and stories, God views humans as sacred. What is the sacredness of being a human being? Free will and what would free will be? Basically it is the ability to make your own decisions, the will, which is not the same as being absolutely free, since the human being lives subject to the laws of the Universe. 

The problem arises when Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala at discover that there is a part of us that makes decisions without realizing it, and that part is the one that directs our lives, in the shadows, that part Freud calls the unconscious, so how can we honor our sacred being? How can I use my free will, my will? 

Astrology endows Best tantrik astrologer in KUWAIT CITY KUWAIT with infinite knowledge, about who we are, what qualities we have, what we come to solve on earth, what energy (signs of the zodiac) is around me at the present time, what movement is asking me to make or integrate that energy, how I take with that energy, my potential, the past of my soul, the present and the future, as well as countless other things, impossible to name.

What is the use of knowing all this? According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala all this is for us to become aware, and from there recover the will, free will , when we see ourselves and discover ourselves, we are free to make our decisions, to decide what attitude to take and not that the attitude owns and dominates me . But if we do not see, if we do not see ourselves, nor do we see others, we are imprisoned, locked up, lost, and the first thing we feel is that we lost control, that we are subject to actions, attitudes, and emotions, and it is true, but also we have astrology, one of the oldest sciences at

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