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Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Sion

Zodiac sign Scorpio in everyday life and relationships

An energetic and controversial zodiac sign, Scorpio always knows how to achieve a goal. Scorpios are talented children, beautiful women, and powerful men. Obstacles by this zodiac sign are perceived as steps for overcoming and further development.

What planets affect Scorpio, the colours and minerals that patronize this zodiac sign, the features of upbringing and relationships – a detailed description of the Scorpio zodiac sign is presented in our material?

The origin and description of the zodiac sign Scorpio

Other peoples had their own designations for celestial objects. The Maya Indians called the constellation Scorpio Yalagau – the lord of darkness.

According to Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Sion silhouette of Scorpio is made up of seven main stars. The center of the constellation is Antares. The Arabs called it Kalb al-Aqrab, that is, the heart of a scorpion. In the Greek name, one can easily guess the opposition to Ares anti-Ares, that is, the god of war Ares, or Mars. The logic behind such a name’s assignment by the ancient astrologers is clear: Antares is a red supergiant that outwardly resembles Mars and competes with this planet in the sky. Antares is 9 thousand times brighter and 700 times more massive than the Sun. Moreover, it is a double star – the hot blue star Antares B revolves around it, invisible to the naked eye.

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala says that in ancient Greek mythology, there is an explanation that the two constellations – Orion and Scorpio – are never in heaven at the same time. Orion, Poseidon’s son, was a noble hunter and more than once declared that there is no animal that he could not slay. The goddess Hera, who did not like Orion’s boasting, sent a scorpion to him. After a poisonous bite, the hunter died, but Zeus decided to save him from death, at least in the sky. Best tantrik aghori astrologer in Sion help to know about your zodiac sign.

Scorpio Season: Autumn Scorpio is included in the autumn melancholic group along with Libra and Sagittarius for belonging of signs to one of the quarters according to the seasons and temperaments. During the period of this sign, there is a time of wilting of nature, the withering away of everything weak and lifeless, and the strengthening of the strong. The ancients associated this time with the poisoning of the Sun, which weakens and fades away to gain strength by spring and breathe life into everything again. Scorpio simultaneously symbolizes death and the accumulation of energy for the early rebirth of nature. gives you all the necessary information.

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