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Best tantrik astrologer in NAY PYI TAW MYANMAR

Lunar phases and fertility

Best tantrik astrologer in NAY PYI TAW MYANMAR studies the impact of the stars on terrestrial actions, on human beings and in particular the consequences of the lunar cycles. The phenomenon of the tides is due to the attraction of the oceans and the earth towards the moon. So imagine the power of attraction on the human body.

Each lunar phase has a precise meaning:

Astrology is a very specific practice, different from clairvoyance, strictly speaking. Indeed, this practice allows Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to discover yourself in depth, according to your birth chart, astrological cycles …

Thanks to a better knowledge of the stars, Best tantrik astrologer in NAY PYI TAW MYANMAR will be better able to understand and manage your personality, to step back on past situations and to approach more calmly, future events.

Through the study of the stars and your astral profile, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala will be able to develop a philosophy of life, in accordance with your personality and your objectives. You will gain wisdom and more easily relate to others.

How to create your grimoire?

Are you starting to learn astrology and want to create a notebook to take all your notes? For that, you have the choice! Rigid or flexible notebook, lined checkered notebook or blank pages … Tip: if you want to blacken pages first: choose a lined and rigid notebook. If you are a fan of scrapbooking and want to stick stickers, sheets etc, opt instead for a notebook with white pages and spirals.

If you want to have fun and indulge in a dose of creativity, there are many possibilities. You can print your horoscope (download from the website for example) and paste into your book. You can also buy stickers on the theme of astrology, stick envelopes in which you will slip little words or simply draw what interests you. To decorate a bullet  journal , you can look for examples of simple drawings to make on Instagram, in particular with the hashtag “doodle”.

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