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Best tantrik astrologer in Agra

What kind of questions do you ask the Astrologer or Astrology? The type of questions we ask to Best tantrik astrologer in Agra reflects how we think and see ourselves, and therefore what we expect from life. We talk as we think and act (neurolinguistic programming, NLP).

Astrology and its evolution over time

Astrology evolves, as does human beings and history.

It is not something old and obsolete, on the contrary, it is a living science that adapts to current needs.

It seems evident that approaching Astrology to get to know yourself – “What do I want?”, “What can I do here?” – is much more positive in these times than “Is it going to go well with xxx?”

Best tantrik astrologer in Agra from this perspective provides numerous ways and answers to the questions that arise in the processes of personal and spiritual growth in which we are all immersed.

In short, this ancient tool at treated with rigor and love can help Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to understand, resolve and improve many things.

Using it as a prediction weakens it and impoverishes it, at least in these times, when we are more aware of our potential.

And know?

It seems to me more and more that, while before the therapeutic and transpersonal facet of Astrology had to be explained as being the “strange”, now what is more out of place is what was previously normal: the predictive current of Astrology .

Astrology is gaining over time, respect and prestige, and this image is beginning to penetrate the personal subconscious and the collective unconscious.

A guide

This is the role to be played by the astrologer. should help you see things more clearly and indicate the best periods to reflect, act, love and be loved, in addition to the great characteristics of your subject.

The solar revolution

Every year, on your birthday, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala carries out the “solar revolution”, that is, he realizes the astral theme of your year and indicates the general trend and the periods that will most mark you.

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