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Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Kavali

The birth chart represents, to put it simply, a set of (cyclic) forces related to the particular organization of the solar system at the time and place of a birth. The horoscope in its two-dimensional representation is a kind of photograph of the state of the sky which indicates the planetary positions in the local sphere. We can see there the planets which rise, those which culminate or lie on the horizon, we also see there the zodiacal band, with the sign which rises (ascending), etc. The horoscope also shows the significant angular distances (or aspects) between these different points. To know more visit

The astrological chart therefore represents all of this space-time organization of the birth sky. There is a field of planetary forces there which will influence and condition the living. This astrological hypothesis, which can say natural, seems to be the common basis of Indian astrology as well as western which is rooted in the Greek and Sumerian tradition. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. AbhayBala is one of the well known for reading the birth chart.

The sky of astrologers is not cut from the sky of astronomers

It must be recognized, however, that we do not yet know with certainty (in the absence of “objective” measurements) the nature of these cosmic and planetary forces, there are nevertheless some hypotheses which seem reasonable to me: gravitational effects (influences of microgravities) , resonance effects, thermal effects (infrared radiation). These different hypotheses favor a physical support, which does not exclude the possible emergence of a symbolic dimension which the theme can also account for. You can contact to the Best vashikaran specialist tantrik astrologer in Kavali If the human being were not an extremely sensitive receptor, endowed with exceptional performances in term of processing and integration of tiny signals which come to him from his geo-solar environment, the celestial influence would not be for him as powerful and decisive. Indeed, it finds in man an obvious echo. This human receptor can therefore pick up and process the numerous subtle signals of a celestial nature (therefore periodic) and respond to them in an adaptive manner. This is undoubtedly an exceptional fact in the evolution of species.

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