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Why read horoscopes according to your ascendant?

The ascendant is the sign that the person is born on the horizon, and the sky is divided into 12 parts, forming from the ascendant the drawing of your Astral chart where each of those parts represents areas of your life. When Best tantrik astrologer in KINGSTOWN SAINT VINCENT & THE GRENADINES talk about the planets that different transit signs, they talk about the things that these planetary configurations can bring you in love, work or relationships, taking into account the drawing of your letter divided into 12 parts. And that is known by the ascendant.

 So one must read the ascendant in a horoscope at Of course, the Sun and Moon sign is vital, and women tend to identify very much with our moon sign. They are spoken of when any planet makes contact with them and can bring us different situations in our essence or identity if it is the sun or in your domestic life or emotions if it is the moon like other planets that when contacted by other planets stain the nature of that planet. That is why Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala recommends reading your rising sign so you can know why life areas are presenting situations to you.

How can this be in the astrological chart?

The astrological chart at is your psychological foundation here is both your conscious and unconscious plane. Here is the optics or psychological interpretation that we will give to your own experiences.

In the Astral Chart, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala finds a guide to what they come to live in this life. It is a navigation map. You can recognize the family constellations, the unconscious programs inherited from your ancestors, and what experiences are recorded from childhood, the professional future, couples, etc. To better understand what you have come to live and understand your chart, Best tantrik astrologer in KINGSTOWN SAINT VINCENT & THE GRENADINES has given the best tools mythology. You must know the myth of the sign that you represent because you will live it at some point in your lives.

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