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Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Kulti

Predictive astrology

 Predictive  astrology is one that allows us to study the cycles we go through, through directions, progressions, revolutions and other techniques. In this way we can shed light on our past, our present or our future and generally it is usually done for each year, with the intention of understanding what will be the environment that we will find during the year in each area of our life and what we it holds our destiny. Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Kulti commonly call this type of annual prognostic analysis or, more technically, prognosis.


It is the comparative study of two natal charts to analyze the love, work or character compatibility in general between two people. If you want to know more about synastries and see an example, visit

Vocational astrology

  It is one that has as a specific object of study the aptitudes and gifts of which a person predisposes for his native determinations, with the intention of discerning what his vocation may be or knowing in which area he can better perform professionally. If you want to know more about vocational astrology or see an example of a vocational report, browse at

Elective astrology

 It is the study that allows Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Kulti to find the best time at the astrological level to start a company, a relationship, a trip, a project, etc., according to our natal determinations. (Consult for this service)

World astrology

 It is the study of events for a given country or for the world in general through techniques such as astrocartography, solar income or doors of the year, great conjunctions or eclipses. Through it Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala can see the events that may occur to a government or the people, its economy, its relationship with other countries, wars or natural disasters.

Meteorological astrology

It is one that helps Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to make weather forecasts for a certain region.

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