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Best tantrik astrologer in MALE MALDIVES

What is the astrological consultation?

Astrology is on every newsstand. However, mass astrology, known to the general public, is totally different from astrological consultation, which requires time, date and place of birth. Best tantrik astrologer in MALE MALDIVES can say, without going into details that mass astrology aims to produce entertainment or fun, attention (“I will read about my sign and the person I like”), hope and comfort. It exists to feed you emotionally, to talk to people, being sweet, kind and helping with generic information that is often useful. The big problem is that astrology is thought to be just that.

A personalized study at, an astrological consultation, has a totally different proposal. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala objective is to help individually, trying to increase the degree of knowledge about oneself, even though this implies, in some moments, making the individual in contact with unresolved content. But is it not necessary to solve them in order to be more whole, to move forward? This article intends to present this deeper and very little known, and even less used astrology. How many people do you know who have already made use of personalized astrology, that is, have already made an astrological consultation?

Personalized astrology led to real self-knowledge

Astrology is the most incredible instrument available to get into the details of anything, an event, a country or a person. The amount of details and information that can be extracted by Best tantrik astrologer in MALE MALDIVES is staggering. A number of things can be deduced only from an astrological chart. Only not everything. And Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala will explain why. An astrological chart at has two levels: the celestial and the terrestrial. The celestial is the map itself. It is information that can be obtained only from it, and that is not a little. Example: if a client was born with Saturn in house seven, which is the home of relationships, it can be known, with certainty, that this is the area where he has the most to learn, because Saturn means this, learning. You can know that without having to exchange a single word with him.

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