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Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Kirari Suleman Nagar

Horoscopes – Sun Signs, Moon Signs & Ascendant

Sun signs, moon signs, and ascendant – these three symbolically represent the elementary basic forces in your life: your will, your feeling, and your appearance.

In the reading of astrology, Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Kirari Suleman Nagar believed that we will feel balanced if these three components of your personality can work together. If you act according to feelings moon, sun, you show yourself authentically to the outside ascendant. You then rest in your midst and feel.


The sun is the central star in your solar system, and it also plays a central role in astrology. You say zodiac sign and mean sun sign the constellation in which the sun was at birth. Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Kirari Suleman Nagar expert in study ofsun sign symbolizes the core of your personality and your character. It shows us the conscious ways and your actions. You can get astrological services on


The moon in your birth picture embodies the night, the unconscious, your soul. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala help you to understanding of your needs, your feelings, and intuition. Very belly-controlled people who act out of their feelings often feel particularly useful for their inner moon.


The ascendant is a kind of mask, what you show to the outside, a kind of filter between your inside and what you see from the outside. To know more visit

It describes how your fellow human beings perceive you. Spontaneous reactions are also attributed to your ascendant. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala also describes how you perceive the world around you. Most of us know what the sun was like when it was born. But do you also know your moon sign and your ascendants? You have found a page on the Internet where you can calculate it by entering your place of birth and time of birth.

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