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Best Black Magic Aghori Tantrik Astrologer in Frankfort Louisville Kentucky

Best Black Magic Aghori Tantrik Astrologer in Frankfort Louisville  Kentucky seems to be an exact science precisely because it uses for its forecasts the exact time of a person’s birth – almost to a second.

 Often, when the horoscope does not want to come true, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala claim that the accuracy of the forecast is because the exact moment of a person’s birth is known as if a few seconds or would radically change his character or fate.

Many centuries ago, when astrology appeared, it was believed that it was the moment of birth that was the moment of the beginning of a new life. You can get all astrology service on

Today you know that a new life begins much earlier – at the moment of fertilization. As for birth, this process is entirely random. Depending on external factors, labour can start earlier or later, and the time spread can be up to several weeks.

 Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala understands, and biologists and doctors confirm this, that by the time of birth, the baby is already fully formed in the womb. And if he is born a few hours or days, and even more minutes or seconds earlier or later, then it is unlikely that his personal qualities will change due to the mythical influence of some planet.

Each of us has had the opportunity to see how amazingly parental genes are manifested in children. You see two factors – heredity and environment determine those character traits, appearance, temperament, predisposition to this or that type of activity and much more. This seems natural to us and is well explained by biology. To know more visit However, the belief of Best Black Magic Aghori Tantrik Astrologer in Frankfort Louisville  Kentucky that the character of a person and his fate will be completely different if he is born a day earlier or later seems to be extremely strange. For logic, it would probably make sense to consider the moment of conception, not birth, for drawing up horoscopes. So, he can conclude that the traditional preparation of an astrological forecast based on the moment of birth is, to put it mildly, illogical.

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