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Best Vashikaran specialist tantrik cum astrologer in Kolkata

The Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay Bala a well-known Vashikaran specialist through the natal chart reveals trends and patterns of personality in a clear and precise way, from a holistic vision that allows us to observe ourselves, and other individuals, with greater detachment and objectivity.

As you learn Astrology, you verify that everything is subject to a cyclic rhythm. Just as in nature there is an established periodicity (succession of seasons, day-night, moon cycles, bird migrations, etc.), also in our life there are periods or cycles of marked trends: Expansion Cycles – Retraction – Activity – Passivity. Knowing these cycles will let you know: what stage of learning you are in, how long this cycle will last, and even more, how to extract the best from that experience.

  • Studying Astrology helps you to reconcile with your experiences: Past, Present, and Future. It is much easier to remain in the present with patient and creative acceptance of the here and now, and with the knowledge that the phase will come to an end, and that in turn is part of a larger process.
  • Tantrik or astrologer in kolkata indicates what should be worked on, the essential meaning of a particular experience or phase of life, to what interior patterns will have to be adapted and an exact way to regulate and favor crucial changes in life.
  • Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay Bala a best astrologer or tantrik in kolkata, studying the relationship between human beings on planet earth and the rest of the Universe, provides a vision of the human being as an integral part of a larger organism, adding greater meaning to our existence.
  • Adding meaning to our life situations is not minor. Carl G. Jung, Psychologist (who was also an astrologer) says: “Man is prepared to face any situation, even the most adverse, as long as he understands what the sense of what happens to him is.”
  • Vashikaran specialist tantric or astrologer in kolkata at contextualizes the human being and gives us the possibility of observing the Universe in all its creative potential. As the most advanced scientific discoveries of Quantum Physics have already affirmed, the Universe is not a mechanical entity, devoid of life, and moved only by blind forces, which would not be anything other than a machine. But the Cosmos is full of energy, forces in motion, and its operation is much more similar to that of a large, intelligent organism than that of an automaton machine.
  • Bhoktibhikshu Dr Abhay Bala a best vashikaran specialist astrologer in kolkata allows the person to determine the type of activity in which their vital energies can flow with the greatest comfort and satisfaction.
  • They can answer questions such as: What is your true vocation? What do you need to feel happy and satisfied with you? What do you look for when establishing a link: couple, friendship, etc.?
  • Vashikaran SPECIALIST astrologer or TANTRIK at feels deeply that he has special skills in a certain area, profession, etc. Still, due to the lack of inner security and determination to realize his deep desires, he ends up frustrating his desire, leaving him repressed and at the mercy of factors external to the self, which in Definitive are the ones that end up prevailing.

Vashikaran SPECIALIST TANTRIK or astrologer at says that astrology is a language of energy, and it is proven from different fields of science that the influences that the planets exert on us, our climate, movement of the tides, such as solar storms, and others, are more than forceful.

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