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Best tantrik astrologer in BELGRADE SERBIA


   One of the myths that has endured throughout the development of human culture is based on the belief that stars play a controlling role in human affairs.

Best tantrik astrologer in BELGRADE SERBIA from a practical point of view use a set of techniques or tools by means of which it is possible to analyze and establish the structure of practically everything that happens in time. Any calendar structures time based on a compartmentalization of astronomical cycles, which thus become pieces of space on which time distances are traced.

Astrology, through a process of semantic intensification, presents Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala with a qualitative structure of time that can be objectively and impartially analyzed using specialized language. Applied to the life of a human being, astrology at means the possibility of modeling or representing the meaning and structure underlying the development of his biography.

 In other words, astrological structures, applied to human life, establish a calendar of the development of our life, by measuring and mathematically tracing the subjective and qualitative dimensions of experience says Best tantrik astrologer in BELGRADE SERBIA.

Modern science, based on the supposed impossibility of studying “scientifically” what is not quantifiable – such as the consciousness and subjective experience of man – irrationally rejects astrology, whose vitality in the present threat to the collapse of the wall of rationalism positivist and mechanist who for more than two centuries has kept man’s cognitive will subdued and shadowed.

   An astrological structure or map at is a mathematical model of reality that allows us to identify or describe experience in a more meaningful and abstract way; but the fact of translating a phenomenon into the specialized language of astrology does not mean having explained or understood it: astrology is essentially an analytical margin of reference for the mind, not reality itself. Just as the calendar orders time, astrology orders existence by giving it qualities to become by triangulating living and moving space in consciousness. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala does not duplicate reality but rather simplifies and generalizes it; it is the function, or the functional meaning of reality, that reveals an astrological structure, never reality itself.

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